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I’m so behind, I know!  Thanks to those who keep checking back now and again…  I will post the fire truck cake directions soon as I’ve been getting many requests, but please give me some time.  I just started a new job and therefore falling behind on everything else!

Now where was I?  This summer was a blast with fond memories of my kids stuffing their faces with cold, sweet, juicy watermelon.  I paid homage to this wonderful fruity goodness with none other than a cake rendition. 

The cake itself is…can you guess…a jello cake.  Did I mention this was a cool, refreshing cake?  🙂  Although I decorated it as a watermelon cake, I ended up using cherry jello because I could not find a watermelon flavored jello and of course, didn’t have time to make a watermelon jello from scratch.  I used whipped cream frosting and as you can tell did not whip enough to cover the watermelons generously.  I was scraping my bowl for every tiny bit of whipped cream…

Needless to say, you can make a better looking watermelon cake if you use regular frosting instead of whipped cream as it is harder to get a smooth spread with whipped cream.  Then again it could just be me.


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