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More baby crib cakes

I’m very behind on posting!

Here are a couple of crib cakes I made for some baby showers.  Similar to previous crib cake posts, I used melted chocolate to make the crib.

Here is one using red and gray (the theme for the baby’s room):



Here is another using blue and green (the theme for the baby shower):

2012-07-08_Baby Showerl040


Lullaby blues…

It appears many of my colleagues are having babies!  I made this baby shower cake for a co-worker who is going to have a boy.  I made her a zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting and surprisingly enough it was a hit!  🙂

This time, for the crib posts, I tried a different method of piping out the chocolate.  Can you tell?  It doesn’t look like wicker this time around and I like the look of this much better.  To get the effect, I squeezed to make dot, move out a little, and then squeeze again.  I think I’m starting to get the hang of this.


Hush little baby…

My next cake was for a friend’s baby shower (I think it was also in Jan.). Can you believe she and I had the exact due date of March 8, 2007 ? I delivered a week before and she delivered a week after the due date and we both had girls.

I decided to make a bassinet so I could once again practice my basket weave. This time, I went ahead and used 2 different colors as I had originally wanted to try when I had made the baby carriage cake. Using 2 colors actually turned out well because it gave it more contrast. For the cake, I made a lemon cake with lemon-raspberry curd filling…mmmm real good! I made the bassinet cover using royal icing and an egg pan. Creating it was a royal pain! The first time I tried, I broke it! I used vegetable shortening to grease the egg pan and then put the basket weave directly on it. I had such a tough time prying the dried basket weaved cover off of the egg pan that it broke. I think my basketweave was too thin and hence fragile. The next time I tried it, I covered the egg pan with saran wrap and coated the saran wrap with shortening. I was able to lift the basket weave cover off of the egg pan using the saran wrap. This method, however, yielded a wrinkly texture inside of the basket weave cover. Fortunately, most of the attention was on the outside, so the inside was pretty much unnoticed to the untrained eye.


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