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Chillin’ in the crib

For a co-worker’s baby shower, I decided to make a crib cake.  The cake itself is pretty easy since I used 9×13 baking pans, but what was hard, was piping melted dark chocolate to create the crib posts.  I had to make the posts pretty thick so that it wouldn’t break easily with handling and while standing up.  Since I had a hard time trying to make the posts smooth and straight (my hands aren’t steady enough to draw nice straight lines quickly) I decided to intentionally wiggle my wrist while piping the chocolate.  If you notice, the crib posts look like it’s rattan.  If you notice, most, if not all, cribs are not made out of rattan.  Oh well, it gave it a more interesting texture.

I decided to decorate in pinks, browns, and heart shapes since the baby was due close to Valentines day.


crib-cake-side-11 crib-cake-top1


Hush little baby…

My next cake was for a friend’s baby shower (I think it was also in Jan.). Can you believe she and I had the exact due date of March 8, 2007 ? I delivered a week before and she delivered a week after the due date and we both had girls.

I decided to make a bassinet so I could once again practice my basket weave. This time, I went ahead and used 2 different colors as I had originally wanted to try when I had made the baby carriage cake. Using 2 colors actually turned out well because it gave it more contrast. For the cake, I made a lemon cake with lemon-raspberry curd filling…mmmm real good! I made the bassinet cover using royal icing and an egg pan. Creating it was a royal pain! The first time I tried, I broke it! I used vegetable shortening to grease the egg pan and then put the basket weave directly on it. I had such a tough time prying the dried basket weaved cover off of the egg pan that it broke. I think my basketweave was too thin and hence fragile. The next time I tried it, I covered the egg pan with saran wrap and coated the saran wrap with shortening. I was able to lift the basket weave cover off of the egg pan using the saran wrap. This method, however, yielded a wrinkly texture inside of the basket weave cover. Fortunately, most of the attention was on the outside, so the inside was pretty much unnoticed to the untrained eye.


Strollin’ along

Now that my husband was advertising for me at his work, I was asked to make a cake for two baby showers. Excited about using my new skills, I decided to make a baby carriage and decorate it in basket weave. I was afraid to try using different colors for the basket weave, so I just did it in one color and used a different color to accent it. Both of the pregnant ladies were going to have boys, hence blue…

They requested chocolate cake, so I made a chocolate cake with chocolate-hazelnut frosting. Never mess with pregnant ladies…

Baby Carriage

Block Party

My next creation was for my cousin’s baby shower. I decided to make 3 different cakes (carrot, banana-pineapple, lemon w/ raspberry curd) instead of 4. I over-committed, as usual, and didn’t have time to make the fourth cake, which was to be chocolate. I bought 3 6x2in. pans and never baked in them before, so I was at a loss as to how much batter I should make to fill the pans and ultimately create a 6×6 cake block. As you can imagine, baking the cakes the night before was poor planning on my part and resulted in excess cake batter, baked cake pieces, and extra time in doing second batches if the first batch was not enough to make a 6×6 block. The cakes rose in the center significantly, so trimming the excess to form a flat block really took some time. Also, I didn’t know how much frosting was needed to cover all cakes completely with excess for coloring/decorations. I’m so grateful for my late mother-in-law’s kitchen aid heavy duty mixer wedding gift!

This was also my first time using a piping bag with couplers and a decorating tip! I iced the cake in plain white cream cheese frosting and left the final touches after I arrived at the party location.

Transporting the cakes were also nerve-wracking. I had cut the cakeboard close to the size of the cake itself, so if the board slipped on a surface, it didn’t give the cake itself much room from being mangled. Luckily, the cakes did not tip nor touch anything during transport!

I was so wiped out by the time the cakes were finished, I didn’t get to stack them on top of each other as I had orginally planned. I was not sure how I would support the cake blocks and didn’t want them to topple over or ruin the cakes beneath them. Hence, I just kept them on the table.

ABC Blocks

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