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More baby crib cakes

I’m very behind on posting!

Here are a couple of crib cakes I made for some baby showers.  Similar to previous crib cake posts, I used melted chocolate to make the crib.

Here is one using red and gray (the theme for the baby’s room):



Here is another using blue and green (the theme for the baby shower):

2012-07-08_Baby Showerl040


Baby shower crib cake

For my cousin’s baby shower, I decided to make a crib cake to welcome baby Samantha, or baby Sam.  I decided to add more color this time to give it a little bit more “pop”.  I usually shy away from colors in cake decorating because I’m not really color savvy.  Also, once you pipe the colors on, you can’t take it back, unless you start from scratch.   And believe me, starting from scratch when the party is 30min. away from starting is not where I want to be.

To make the crib posts, I sketched them on paper, covered the paper w/ wax paper, melted chocolate, and piped the chocolate on the wax paper, tracing the crib posts.  I usually pipe over the 1st piping, when the chocolate has cooled, because it is too fragile.  By layering the piping, I add strength to the crib posts which makes handling them easier and worry-free.

I teamed up w/ my sister-in-law for this cake.  She hand made the teddy bears, blanket, and shoes.  I wish I had her creative talent for sculpting!  We make a great team, don’t we?  🙂









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