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Tricks for Jack-O-Lantern Treats

I can not…for the life of me…believe…that my last post…was well over…a year ago.

I’m not sure what happened exactly, except that time flew by along with my blogging.  It is now coming back to haunt me.

So here I am again, to document what I have created since my last entry.  It will be tough trying to remember what I did, but I think I tried harder to take more pictures to help me remember.

This post is not about cakes, but about rice krispies treats.  For Halloween, I decided to make little rice krispies jack-o-lanterns to give away at my children’s halloween school party.  They were a hit and were pretty easy to make.

Mostly everyone has made rice krispies treats before, so I’ll skip all the instructions since you can find it on a Rice Krispies box.

After melting the marshmallows, I used some orange wilton food coloring:


I then folded in the rice krispies and shaped them into balls about the size of tennis balls.


I then melted some dark chocolate to pipe in the eyes, nose, and mouth.  I melted green chocolate chips for the leaves and used caramels for the stub (?) or stem on top.


Since I was going to give them out, I packaged them up in plastic for portability.



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