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Baggin’ it

For a friend’s daughter’s birthday party, I decided to make little handbags.  Since I’ve made a couple of cake purses already, I thought I might be cute to make mini-cake-purse-pops.  Note to self: thinking is always so much easier than doing and imagining how beautiful it will look like after is usually not the case.

But…I like to try different things and my friend loves cake pops, so pursed my lips, ran with it, and did not look back.  Also, these weren’t really cake pops in that they were not on sticks because they were too big and would fall off the sticks because of the weight.  They are cake pops in the sense that it is crumbled cake mixed with frosting for a denser consistency.

I baked lemon cakes and made cream cheese frosting.  You need to make sure the cake has cooled completely before crumbling and mixing with the frosting, otherwise, you’ll get mush.  I don’t really have a recipe to follow because I make my own cakes and frosting, so I what I do is put in frosting a bit at a time until I get a consistency that will allow me to press the crumbs together without falling apart.  This way I can make the purse cake shapes.  I made trapezoid type shapes for the purses, the big one being for the birthday girl, and the balls in the back I made into actual cake pops.


I set them in the fridge for about an hour or two, so they would be easier to handle when dipping into the melted chocolate.  To coat them, I melted white chocolate tinted pink.  I used a wide fork to hold the cake purses on the bottom.  I then poured the melted chocolate over the cakes.  If the chocolate does not look smooth, gently tap the fork to even out the chocolate (it will drip down).  The first time I tried it, I tapped the fork roughly and I saw that my cake started crumbling, so adjusted my roughness, which was mostly attributed to me rushing to try to finish the cake on time.  One would think after a couple of years of cake making, I would be able to learn better time management skills.  But alas, it is not to be for me, though I have improved…really…I have improved.

Depending on how thin the chocolate looks on the cake, you may want to  dip/cover them twice.  I think I did.

For the handles, I rolled some starburst and poked toothpicks on either end to anchor them onto the cake.  I also rolled out some starburst and cut them out to make the purse flaps.  I lined the bottom w/ dots of icing and also decorated the purse flaps with icing dots.  For the button I used the large sugar pearls.

Here’s the final product.  They are by no means Louis Vuitton quality, but good enough to make the  little birthday girl smile with joy.  🙂



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