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Pac Man fever

After asking my son millions and millions of times what kind of cake he wanted for his 8th birthday party, he finally relented and requested a Pac Man cake.  Before then, he kept saying, “A regular cake is fine mommy.  You work too hard on your cakes.  Take it easy this time.”

He’s so sweet and considerate.  Making cakes can be stressful for me and he’s seen that.  However, I wanted to do something special for him…that’s what moms what to do for their kids…no matter how hard or stressful.  But I also wanted to listen to what he wanted…which was a non-stressed out mom, so we compromised and I made him a 2-D no-fuss cake.  At the time, I worried that he was getting too old for 3-D cakes and his 9th birthday party, the following year, confirmed it.  This time, it was I who relented and gave him a simple, round birthday cake (which I will post later…maybe…).  I will need to rely on my daughter, nieces/nephews, and friend’s kids to satisfy my cake making fixes moving forward.

The Pac Man cake was simple enough.  I baked a half sheet of chocolate cake, frosted it with dark chocolate frosting, and piped blue lines, white dots, ghosts, and Pac Man.

Although it was simple, my son and his friends liked it a lot.



Oh boy! It’s Mickey & Minnie!

I was never really a fan of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  I think it’s because I never really grew up watching the Mickey Mouse club nor the cartoons.  Growing up I remember watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, Schoolhouse Rock, and a Japanese cartoon called Star Blazers.  I feel so old reminiscing…

For Mickey and Minnie, I decided to do 2D cakes and relied again on candies I had on hand for the decorations.  I baked chocolate cakes in two 2×9″ circle pans for their heads and cleaned out peach cans for their ears.  The base frosting for the cakes were dark chocolate frosting.

To decorate them, I softened some vanilla tootsie rolls and rolled them out on a powdered sugar dusted board.  I cut out the shapes so that it would make their faces.  I shaped chocolate tootsie rolls for their eyes, nose, and mouth.  I used left over chocolate frosting to outline their eyes and create some dainty lashes for Minnie.  I used cherry starburst to create their tongues.

For Minnie’s bow, I sketched on paper, the shape of the bow and then placed waxed paper on top of the sketch.  Using melted white chocolate, tinted red, I outlined the sketch I made and filled it out.  After the chocolate had set, I piped another layer on top to give it more strength for handling.  Using white melted chocolate, I piped polka dots on the bow.

This is probably one of my more easier cakes, but well received by the kids as they were fans of Mickey and Minnie.


Light & fluffy butterflies

What better way to celebrate summer than with butterfly cakes?  Yum!  I made 2 butterfly cakes (one jello cake w/ whipped cream and one chocolate cake w/ cream cheese frosting filling) for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party.  All the little girls got cute fairy wings at the party, so the butterfly cakes were a great complement.

Can you tell how I cut the cakes?  For one butterfly, I used two 8×1.5 round pans.  I stacked the cakes, cut it in half, and then cut each half into 1/3.  So, start the cut a third from the long side of the half circle to a third from the round side of the half circle.  I used a long donut for the body and placed the rounded sides of the half circles alongside of the body to create the wings.  I used whipped cream to frost the cakes and tinted the whipped cream to color the wings.  You can pretty much use sprinkles and other types of candy to further decorate the wings.

Butterfly Cake 1

Butterfly Cake 2

Flower power

The week after the 4th of July (yes, I’m behind on posting), I made a flower cake for a friend’s 2 (and a half) year birthday party. She, like me, postponed her daughter’s winter birthday for a glorious summer party.

Her daughter’s specific cake instructions were: “I want a pink cake, brown on the inside, with strawberries on top, and a flower”. So, I went with a five petaled pink flower with a circle of strawberries in the middle. The flower itself was made using six 6in. diameter pans, five cake circles around a center circle.

For the “brown” inside, I made 2 chocolate cakes. For the rest of the petals, I made 4 jello cakes with lime, blueberry, tropical fusion, and strawberry flavors. The jello cakes were a hit because they were quite light and refreshing. They were expecting 70 or so guests, so the size of the flower cake was more than enough to feed everyone and then some.

Last minute, I baked and decorated little lady bugs and honeybees to add some color contrast to the flower. Plus, it never hurts to add cute little bugs as they are always a nice treat for the kids.

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