I speak for the trees!

On a  Saturday morning, I decided to bake

For my wonderful nephew, a big Lorax cake.

He was turning seven and was a Suess fan

So got my round pans and trusty ball pan.

I went straight to work by making the batter

I whipped it up fast, it began to splatter

I had to go fast, I couldn’t be late

Not being on time seemed always my fate.

I stacked the round cakes with the ball cake on top

I was making and baking and cleaning non-stop.

Using orange food color I tinted the icing

With spatula in hand I began frosting.

Yellow for mustache and eyebrows and aqua for eyes

Arms and legs made of Starbursts were molded to size.

I had to use skewers to hold up his arms

I positioned them carefully to cross his forearms.

I also baked cupcakes to help keep upright

Cotton candy Truffula trees, oh my what a sight!

Making the Lorax was such a delight

To see all the kids smiling big and so bright!



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