Oh boy! It’s Mickey & Minnie!

I was never really a fan of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  I think it’s because I never really grew up watching the Mickey Mouse club nor the cartoons.  Growing up I remember watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, Schoolhouse Rock, and a Japanese cartoon called Star Blazers.  I feel so old reminiscing…

For Mickey and Minnie, I decided to do 2D cakes and relied again on candies I had on hand for the decorations.  I baked chocolate cakes in two 2×9″ circle pans for their heads and cleaned out peach cans for their ears.  The base frosting for the cakes were dark chocolate frosting.

To decorate them, I softened some vanilla tootsie rolls and rolled them out on a powdered sugar dusted board.  I cut out the shapes so that it would make their faces.  I shaped chocolate tootsie rolls for their eyes, nose, and mouth.  I used left over chocolate frosting to outline their eyes and create some dainty lashes for Minnie.  I used cherry starburst to create their tongues.

For Minnie’s bow, I sketched on paper, the shape of the bow and then placed waxed paper on top of the sketch.  Using melted white chocolate, tinted red, I outlined the sketch I made and filled it out.  After the chocolate had set, I piped another layer on top to give it more strength for handling.  Using white melted chocolate, I piped polka dots on the bow.

This is probably one of my more easier cakes, but well received by the kids as they were fans of Mickey and Minnie.



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