Jolly green dragon

I made a green dragon for a friend’s son, who was turning 6.  At first I was thinking of using my triceratops cake template, then changed my mind since a dragon has a thinner body.

To make the dragon, I baked four 9in. circles.  I cut in half one circle, frosted it, and placed them side by side w/ the cut side down.  I cut another circle in half, laid them on top of each other, and then cut about 1-1 1/2in. off the long side to make a smaller semi-circle.  I frosted these then put them on either side of the of the larger semi-circles to form the body of the dragon.  For the arms, legs, head, and tail of the dragon, I cut the rest of the circles in various shapes.  Since it is too hard to describe in words, I’ve created a template to help visually.

1 – inner body (frost and place side by side)

2 – outer body (frost and place on the outer sides of the inner body)

3 – lower neck

4/4a – arms

5/6 – hind legs

7 – top tail (goes behind the inner body & on top of 9)

8 – head & upper neck

9 – main tail behind body

10 – second tail (connects to the main tail to form a curled tail)

After assembling, I frosted the chocolate cakes w/ green tinted whipped cream frosting.  For the yellow spikes, I used yellow starburst which I shaped using powdered sugar on my fingers, so it wouldn’t stick.  I later realized that the starburst does not hold it’s shape well after being manipulated.  If you decide to use starburst, keep them cold and put them on the cake right before the celebrant blows out the candles.  I put them on before the party started and had to keep “fixing” the bending spikes throughout the party.  It was so frustrating!  I think fondant might be a better choice next time.  Starburst is just to pliable and soft.  Another alternative would be piping colored chocolate to form the spikes.  That might have been better, actually.

For the wings, I initially tried to make a skeleton using rice krispies.  Boy, was I wrong again.  The skeleton wing was just too floppy.  Last minute I used melted chocolate to pipe a wing template I made.  I was so worried about the chocolate breaking apart that I made it really thick.  I probably piped the template 4-5x just to be sure.  You can see from the pix how thick the chocolate wings looked like.

For the wing membrane, I got these Hi-Chews from Cost Plus.  They are the European version of the Starburst.  The flavor was green apple and it had a light green tint.  I added a bit more green coloring the chews so it would show up better in the pix.  I microwaved the chews until they were soft and pliable.  Be careful!  Overheating the chews will melt them completely and they will be extremely HOT to the touch!  I put powdered sugar on a plate and laid the chews on top to prevent it from sticking to the plate.  Also, the powdered sugar helps keep the chews from sticking to your hands and rolling pin.  I rolled out the chews and cut it into the shape of the wings.  I probably used 2-3 packets of the chews for both wings.

I then adhered the membrane to the wings using more chocolate.  The problem w/ the wings being so thick was that it was hard to support upright!  This gave me a lot of problems trying to keep the wings upright during the party.  I’m not sure what to use next time….maybe chocolate again, but only 2-3x piping so the skeleton is thinner?

I piped more chocolate for the toenails, eyes, and nose.

Here is the dragon w/ the spikes only and no wings.  My son told me it looked like more like a lizard.

And here is the lizard w/ wings, in an attempt to make it look like a dragon.


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