Yo quiero taco cake!

A friend invited us over for a taco party, so I decided to make 2 taco cakes for the occasion.

To make the tacos, I baked two 9″ circle chocolate cakes.  I stacked the cakes, frosting in between, and then cut the stacked cakes in half.  I laid the flat side of the cut cakes on a plate so the curved, side of the cake was facing up.

For the various fixin’s I made the following:

– ground beef:  crushed chocolate teddy grahams mixed with chocolate frosting


– shredded lettuce:  rolled green fruit slice, cut in to thin strips


– cheddar cheese:  rolled orange starburst, cut into thin strips


– tomatoes:  chopped up red fruit slices


– sour cream:  whipped cream


– corn tortilla:  whipped cream tinted yellow, brown, and orange

For assembly, I put the ground beef from the bottom of the cake to 1/3 of the way up.  I spread the sour cream on the rest of the curved portion of the cake, sprinkled the shredded lettuce followed by the shredded cheese, and then topped it with the tomatoes.


I then frosted the sides of the cake carefully with the tinted frosting, piping the edges to give it a more defined and cleaner look.

Here they are ready for sampling.


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