Flip Flop Cakes

To celebrate 2 birthdays at once (my aunt and niece), I decided to make flip flop cakes.  I thought it would be good summer cake and fun to do two sizes in different colors.

I used a 9×13 pan to create the larger flip flops and an 8×8 pan to make the smaller flip flops.  To decorate, I used colored red vines (fruity vines) as the straps, using toothpicks to hold them in place.

To make the flowers on the straps, I cut mini-marshmallows from one corner to another and then dipped the sticky side in colored sugar (bright green and pink).  I piped melted white chocolate in a circle on top of waxed paper and then placed the sugared marshmallows all around to make the flower.  I started on the outside of the circle and then worked my way in until I got to the middle.  When the white chocolate hardens, it will make it easier to handle the marshmallow flower.  Just place the flowers on top of the straps where they connect at the top of the flip flop.

I crushed graham crackers to make the sand.


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