Where’s the beef?

There’s no beef about this burger…

For my co-worker’s BBQ, I decided to make a hamburger cake.  He’s known for his great burgers and fries and so I thought I’d pay his skills a tribute.

The bun is a vanilla bean cake which I baked in a 9″ circle pan.  After the cake cooled, I brushed water on top and sprinkled sesame seeds on it (this will help it stick to the cake).

For the patty, I baked a 9″ chocolate cake and trimmed it to resemble a patty.  The lettuce was made w/ bran flakes mixed with melted marshmallows tinted green.  The tomatoes were from rolled out red fruit slices.  I had to use powdered sugar when rolling out the tomatoes so the fruit slice wouldn’t stick to the rolling pin and the matt.

For the cheese, I microwaved couple of fruit chews (I think it was banana flavored that I got from Cost Plus).  Be careful!  Don’t microwave for too long because these things get HOT!  I think I microwaved them at 10-20sec. intervals, checking for softness each time.  I coated them and the plate with powdered sugar first so that it wouldn’t stick.  When soft, roll it out and cut them into squares, again using powdered sugar for the rolling pin and matt.  The banana flavored fruit chews, once rolled out, looked like swiss cheese.  Next time I’ll use orange starburst so it looks more like cheddar cheese.

I tinted frosting red and yellow to make the ketchup and mustard.

For the french fries, I baked a pound cake and cut it into strips.  I didn’t have time, but if I did, I would have toasted the pound cake strips to make them more golden.

I found some red and white checkered parchment paper at Cost Plus and placed it on a foil tray for the burger and fries.  Here’s Le Burger Royal with cheese.



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