Tangled tower cake

For my niece’s 3rd birthday party, I was asked to make a Tangled Tower cake.  My niece had apparently watched the movie Tangled and really liked it.

I decided to document the cake making process as I liked what I had done with the R2D2 cake.  Note that I’m sporadic in doing this.  It really is a function of how much time I have to complete the project.  If I’m rushing and don’t have a lot of time, I probably won’t have pictures of the cake in progress.  😦  I’ll try to do better next time!

For the tower, I baked carrot cake in 3 tomato cans, one 6×3 in. circle, and 1 mini-pie tin.  To bake the cakes in the tomato cans, I sprayed the cleaned/washed tomato cans with Pam, lined them with parchment paper, and then sprayed the inside of the parchment paper again with Pam.  I filled the cans up to 3/4 full and baked them until the toothpick comes out clean.

I stacked the cakes baked in the cans, putting a small circle cake board between each later to help support the cakes from the weight.  I used bamboo skewers in between each layer to help support the cakes, so they would not be compressed.  This was the stacking order of the cakes:  the 3 tomato can cakes, 6×3 in. circle cake, and then the mini pie tin cake.  Here’s what it looked like before frosting:

To make the entryway/balcony for Rapunzel to sit on, I cut out a rectangular portion of the circle cake where I would place part of the roofed balcony, as below:

To make the balcony, I used graham crackers.  Looking back, that was probably not the best choice as the graham crackers absorb moisture over time and crack/break/fall apart easily.  In retrospect, I would have used piped chocolate or rice krispies or candy bars.

I cut the graham crackers so that it would fit my cut out and protrude from the cake far out enough so that Rapunzel could sit on it and dangle her hair.  To make the balcony, I cut the crackers to make a little house, using melted chocolate to glue them in place.  To add stability to the balcony, I shoved a piece of it under the cake to help keep from falling off.  It probably would have turned out alright if I had placed the graham cracker balcony at the end and not at the beginning of the project.  However, I was thinking I didn’t want to mangle the decorated cake by lifting it up and shoving in the graham cracker balcony at the end, but now I know better.  Here is what it looked like before it broke and fell off during our car ride to the party!  😦

Don’t worry, I was able to salvage the balcony by supporting it with bamboo skewers and 3 playing cards cut to size, washed, and wrapped in plastic wrap.

To finish off the decorating, I used grey frosting to pipe “stone blocks” all around the 3 tomato can cakes.  This was time consuming and probably took a good 15-20min. with my novice skills.  To add some color, I piped in vines, leaves, and flowers all along the stone wall.  For the “house” looking section, I frosted it white and decorated it like a swiss-style chalet using chocolate frosting.  For the roof, I used a large waffle cone, cut evenly at the base, and 1 sugar cone, cut to a smaller size.  I used purple frosting to coat the roof, but it kind of ended up looking like a tree instead of a roof!  I think it’s the tip I used.  I’ll use a flat tip instead of a circle tip next time.  I finished off the balcony by coating it with chocolate frosting.  Here is the cake, including the toy figures from the movie (can you find Pascal?):

Here is a close up of the cake:



  1. Lynna Said:

    Thank you so much for documenting this! I’m getting ready to make one this weekend thanks to your instructions! A few questions: What kind of candy bar would you use instead of graham crackers? Where do you find the dolls from the movie?

    • frazi Said:

      Hi Lynna,

      Now that I think about it, you can probably dip the graham crackers in chocolate. This will prevent the moisture from getting into the graham crackers. Or you can buy the keebler chocolate coated graham crackers. I bought the doll at Target most likely.

      Hope this helps,

  2. Lynna Said:

    Can I also say that having searched the internet over for a good tower cake tutorial, yours is the only one that is all cake and does not use gobs of fondant. I really, really appreciate that!!

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