Wabbit season

I brought a rabbit cake to a co-worker’s party to celebrate the year of the rabbit.

He had requested a red velvet cake so that it would look more realistic when cutting into the cute little bunny. It was my first try at red velvet cake and I think it was a little dry. I was shocked at how much red food coloring was required in all the recipes at looked at! I decided to use 1/2 the food coloring and the red color of the cake looked good enough.

To make the bunny, I stacked two 2×9 cake circles and then cut it in 1/2 to form 2 semi-circles. I took 1/2 of the stacked cakes and cut another ~1″ off the cut side. I frosted in between the stack of the smaller semi-circles then place the flat side down so the round edges are facing up. I then took the ~1″ strips and cut them in 1/2, making 4 evenly sized strips. I stacked 2 strips and lined it along one edge of the cake to simulate the “haunches” of the bunny. To make the head, I cut a small triangle on the other side of the cake and used these pieces to make the tail.

I frosted the cake w/ cream cheese frosting and then patted shredded coconut all over the bunny. I used chocolate covered almonds for the eyes and a gummy chew for the nose. I drew ears on a piece of paper and colored the inside pink. I then attached the ears to bamboo skewers and placed it on the rabbit’s head.

For the grass, I put some shredded coconut in a tupperware container and dropped from liquid food coloring on it. My son helped me shake the container until the coconut turned green.

Here are the pictures of the massacre. No one could bring themselves to cut into the bunny’s head with those big, pleading eyes looking at them.


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