Baby shower crib cake

For my cousin’s baby shower, I decided to make a crib cake to welcome baby Samantha, or baby Sam.  I decided to add more color this time to give it a little bit more “pop”.  I usually shy away from colors in cake decorating because I’m not really color savvy.  Also, once you pipe the colors on, you can’t take it back, unless you start from scratch.   And believe me, starting from scratch when the party is 30min. away from starting is not where I want to be.

To make the crib posts, I sketched them on paper, covered the paper w/ wax paper, melted chocolate, and piped the chocolate on the wax paper, tracing the crib posts.  I usually pipe over the 1st piping, when the chocolate has cooled, because it is too fragile.  By layering the piping, I add strength to the crib posts which makes handling them easier and worry-free.

I teamed up w/ my sister-in-law for this cake.  She hand made the teddy bears, blanket, and shoes.  I wish I had her creative talent for sculpting!  We make a great team, don’t we?  🙂











  1. Lindsay Said:

    Hi, Is there any way you can email a little more detailed info on this cake? I want to try to make it for my best friends baby shower. Like What size pans did you use? how many layers of cake. Is the sheet/blanket fondant? Please let me know! Thanks 🙂

    • frazi Said:

      Hi Lindsay,

      That’s great you’d like to make one for your best friend’s shower! 🙂

      I used a 9×13 cake pan and I made 4 cakes stacked. It seems like a lot, but after you cut off the tops to make it flat and cut off the sides to make it a straight rectangle, the cake is much reduced in size! I iced the cakes in between each layer. It is easier to get the cakes shaped the same, by stacking and icing in between and then cutting the sides off to make it straight.

      I made a carrot cake and iced it with a cream cheese frosting. With the excess frosting, I tinted it pink to make the stripes (diamond pattern) and the ruffles at the bottom of the cake. For the ruffles, use the chocolate sides of the crib to gauge where to start the top of the ruffles. Use a #47 tip (flat side) to pipe the pink thick stripes down to the bottom of the cake. Slightly over lap the thick stripes to get a “ruffled” look. I need to post my latest attempt at a crib cake, using rolled starburst to make the crib skirt. That also worked pretty well (based on my trial w/ the green dragon birthday cake). I tinted some frosting light green for the triple dots inside the diamonds and dark brown to put dots on where the pink likes intersected to form the diamonds.

      The bears, blanket hanging on the crib, and small pillow were made with marshmallow fondant.

      Hope this helps! Good luck and let me know how it turns out!


      • Melissa Said:

        How much chocolate did you use

      • frazi Said:

        Hi Melissa,

        For a cake that is 2 9×13 cakes stacked, I think I ended up using about 3-4 bags of the Wilton chocolate chips. It really depends on how sturdy you would like the crib posts to be. Since I’ve broken a couple and my husband is rough when carrying my cakes, I’ve made mine pretty thick. If you are more careful than I am, you probably don’t need that much. It also depends on the weather. If it is hot, I’ll use more chocolate just in case.

        Let me know how it goes!

        Hope this helps!

  2. Angela Said:

    I’m preparing to attempt this cake for my daughter’s baby shower! Would you mind answering a few questions??

    What size tip did you use for the diagonal lines on the blanket? How did you attach the crib rails to the cake? How far in advance did you decorate the cake before serving? When exactly did you attach the rails?

    Thank you so much!!

    • frazi Said:

      Hi Angela,

      Sorry for the delay. I hope your cake turned out well! 🙂 Here are my answers for those who also had the questions.

      I used a #3 tip for the diagonals on the blanket. After frosting the cake, I pushed the crib rails/post on the sides. I had to tilt the crib posts/rails slightly so it would not fall over (meaning the posts/rails were leaning slightly into the cake). Since I’m a procrastinator (!) I decorated at the party. LOL. If I was better prepared, I would decorate the cake/bed in advance and then just put the rails on at the party, once you find a location for the cake. It is hard to transport w/ the crib rails/posts standing up so do that last.


  3. Marisa Said:

    This is so original! Did you cut out your sketch of the crib posts before you wrapped them in wax paper? Then how did you get the wax paper around the crib posts? I notice the chocolate only looks piped on the outer surface. The inside of the crib posts (the side touching the cake) looks flat. Did you just dip that side in the chocolate? I am going to try my hardest to make this for my sister’s shower! Thanks for your help!

    • frazi Said:

      Hi Marisa,

      I’m so sorry for the late reply. 😦 I hope it turned out well. I sketched the crib posts onto paper and taped the paper onto the table so it would remain flat. Then I put wax paper over the paper with the sketch, so you should be able to see your sketch through the wax paper. I melted chocolate and traced my sketch on top of the wax paper. When the chocolate hardens, it will come of the wax paper easily. One side is flat because I’m piping the chocolate over a hard surface. When it is soft, it will flatten, but if you re-pipe over it, you can get more thickness on the crib posts/railings.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Traci Said:

    I want to make this do u think I could use pretzel sticks for the crib rails. If I dip them in chocolate and then put each side together on wax paper and then pipe chocolate on to make it look like one peace. Do u think that would work?

    • linda Said:

      That is actually what I thought it was when I first looked at it. If you try this I would love to know how it worked

      • Melanie Said:

        HI,I thought about dipping Pirouline rolled wafers in white chocolate when I make a cake for a co worker.You can get these wafers in the tall white cans. They are so good too.

      • frazi Said:

        Hi Melanie,

        That might work if you use the wafers as crib posts. Depending on the size of the cake, you may need to stack the wafers to get enough height. You may also need to double dip the wafers in chocolate to add more strength so the piroline wafers don’t break apart when standing up.

        Let me know how it goes!


    • frazi Said:

      Hi Traci,

      Yes, I think this will work. You will just need to make sure the rest of the crib posts are just as sturdy! Great idea!


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  7. anthonia adeyin Said:

    Hello, my baby shower is coming in 3 months. I really love this cake. Please how much will it cost you to bake me this cake?

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