Vegetarian steak cake

For my vegetarian friend’s 40th birthday party, I decided to make him a steak cake.  I just had to get a picture of him digging into a thick and juicy piece of steak!

Everyone got a hoot out of it.  I was going to do a red velvet cake, so that when he cut into it, it would look “rare”, but decided to go with a “well done” steak since my chocolate cake recipe is a favorite by most.

I baked the cakes in two 9″ round pans and cut one into the shape of a steak.  The other I kept as a simple round cake (no picture here since you’ve seen those before).  I didn’t get a chance to sculpt some fake broccoli, so used real ones for the plate instead.  For the mashed potatoes, I used some cream cheese frosting.  I didn’t whip up the frosting until smooth.  I purposely kept it minimally mixed to give that potato textured look.  For the “searing” marks, I thinly coated a BBQ skewer with black food coloring and gently rolled it onto the cake.  I frosted my “well done” cake with a chocolate frosting.

The perfect meat and potatoes dish for any vegetarian!



  1. J Said:

    What the f**k is that?
    Me and my mother think this looks like plastic…

    • frazi Said:

      Hi J,

      🙂 It looks like plastic because of the frosting. The frosting has a shiny look to it, so that’s why it looks like plastic.


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