Itsy bitsy spider…

For Halloween, I decided to make spider cakes for work.  I decided to do something freaky this time and add many, many, many eyes.  I think it freaked out my co-workers…though it didn’t stop them from dissecting and then devouring the spooky arachnid.

For the body, I used 1/2 of a ball pan, so ended up making 2 spiders.  For the head, I used muffins.  For the legs, I cut pocky sticks at an angle and then “glued” them together w/ melted chocolate.

I think my next spider cake will be a gigantic one!  Will need to start looking for possible, “edible” humongous legs!  Got any ideas for me?  🙂


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  1. Hi!! I was looking for some tower ideas and I found your blog. Love the cakes!!! i’ll copy some ideas 🙂
    For “edible humongous legs” try a twix bars o similar, dipped in dark chocolate, and for a hairy look, some black dried coconut; or wafer sticks for something thinner
    Hope I gave you some ideas, keep up the great work!

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