Here comes the bridal dress

I decided to surprise my friend at her bridal shower by trying to make a 3D copy of her wedding gown.

Although it was difficult to copy the dress exactly, the bride-to-be was shocked that I even tried it.  It’s probably easier to make the dress using fondant, but since I like the taste of homemade icing (using organic, natural ingredients), I did the best I could.

For the dress, I used the Wilton wonder pan and even debated using the doll body, which I quickly decided against.  I wanted to make the dress slightly bigger, so I also made a 6×3 round cake to put under the wonder mold.  For the body, I baked the cake in a can (regular sized, like canned corn), then shaped it with a cutting knife.

I made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  For the first time, I used sparkle dust to give the dress some sparkly highlights.  I put the sparkle dust in a small bowl, added vanilla, and then used a paint brush to add the sparkle dust on the dress.  I used a bit of chocolate frosting for the chest and neck of the “model dummy”.


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