Building a Lego-man

Who doesn’t love Legos?  I can play with them for hours and so can my children.

I had a great time creating these Lego cakes for a friend’s son’s 6th birthday party.  The Lego themed party was a hit for all the kids…from the decorations, to the games, and to the party favors.  Kudos to his mom who thought of all of the cool, interesting ideas!

I baked two 6x6x3 cakes , one 14×18 sheet cake, and one 12 or 15oz. can shaped cake (for this and for a Scooby Doo mystery machine van I made for another party the same day).  I used the 6x6x3 cakes & the cylinder cake (from the can) to make the lego man.  If you are baking in the can, clean thoroughly, remove paper from the outside, spray can with non-stick spray, line inside of can with parchment paper, and spray parchment paper again prior to pouring in the batter and baking in the oven.

For the 2 lego bricks, I cut them from the large sheet cake and stacked them to make them tall.  I used the mini-oreo cakesters for the tops of the bricks for the dimples on the legos.  I think you can use marshmallows too, but for the size of my legos, I decided to use the mini-cakesters.

Here are the cakes amid the colorful lego decorations his mom handmade for the party.


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