Optimus Prime takes the cake

For my son’s 6th birthday party with his classmates, I decided to surprise him with a cake transformed into Optimus Prime.

I made his favorite cake, carrot, using three 6x6x4 cake pans.  I sliced off the tops of the cakes to even them out, then stood them end-over-end vertically to make the legs, body, and scraps for the feet.

I also made rice krispy treats to form the head, helmet, arms, hands, and gun.  In the past, whenever I’ve made the rice krispy treats, they were usually very chewy and did not keep their shape well.  For the triceratops cake I made for my son the previous year, the horns were bending over time so I had to wait until we were ready for the cake cutting to put them on.

Since I needed the arms to be more firm, I found some advice online to make them harder and less chewy.  Basically, you cook the marshmallow in the butter longer once they have melted.  Don’t burn the butter or marshmallow, but let it bubble for a couple of minutes before pouring in the rice krispies.  This way, Optimus was able to have maximus arms.

I skewered the head, arms, hands, and feet to the cake and frosted over them.  It was a treat watching the kids gnaw at the hardened rice krispies.  I’m not kidding when I say these treats are rock hard.

Here’s Optimus standing guard by our table, ready to defends us from Deceptions crashing our party.  He stood at about 1.5-2ft.


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