Helicopter hysteria

I’m posting this ~3months late!!  I made these helicopters for 2 birthday boys, 1 year apart but born 1 week apart in the same month.  Their mother decided to just have one big party for the both of them, but also wanted them to have their own special cake.  Fortunately, they both agreed on having the same cake design, but with different colors.

The blue/white cake was an apple spice cake with cream cheese frosting and the orange/yellow cake was a chocolate cake also with cream cheese frosting.  I used half of an egg pan for each helicopter and then placed them on top of a 6″ round cake so it could feed more people.

The helicopter tails are made out of rice krispies treats and the propellers were made from hand-piped chocolate.   The rotor is made from wood and designed such that the propellers can rotate around if gently pushed.  I thought that would make the boys happy if they could actually spin the propellers on the their helicopter cakes!


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