For my son’s 5th birthday (yes, again…we wanted to celebrate it in the beautiful summer weather!), he wanted a dinosaur themed party.  He couldn’t make up his mind what kind of cake he wanted, then finally chose a Triceratops cake.

The body is made of chocolate cake semicircles, stacked, with rounded sides up.  The legs are made of carrot cake baked in tomato sauce cans and the head is made of carrot cake baked in an egg shaped pan.  As you may have guessed, I made the horns, tail, and crest out of rice krispies treats.

Triceratops frontb

Triceratops side2a

I also made ~200 dinosaur cookies (brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus, triceratops, stegosaurus, pterodactyl) to give away as prizes for the games.


cookies packaged

Since my son is older, we were able to play a lot of fun, dinosaur-themed games, like:

– Tyrannosaurus fossil dig (made fake bones out of plaster of paris using fossil molds); the kids had fun looking for fossils in the sand and then putting them together to form the Tyrannosaurus skeletons


– Dinosaur egg hunt (bought large plush Brontosaurus toys and stuffed them in large, handmade eggs); the kids had fun searching for the large eggs with their name on it

Dino-egg hunt girls enjoying dinobabies

– Hot lava race; the kids, grouped into teams, had fun racing to put “hot lava” in their buckets using turkey basters

What a fabulousaurus day it was!



  1. Betty Said:

    I’m enjoying looking at your cakes. I’m bookmarking so i can see the rest of them. Nice job on the dino.

  2. Christy Said:

    Oh my goodness!! That is the cutest dinosaur cake I’ve seen. May I ask how you got all the pieces to stay together? How did you get the head to stay up? Was the body resting on the legs, or did you have something else underneath it, too??

    I would love to hear from you!


    • frazi Said:

      Hi Christy,

      Thanks! 🙂 It was hard getting that cake to stay together, but luckily, I used my experience with the whale cakes to help me. I had to use chopsticks to help keep the head on. The other trick is shaping the body and head such that the majority of the weight is on the body and not leaning out. If the head leans out too much, all the chopsticks in the world is not going to keep it on!

      For the horns and tail, I had to skewer them on with bamboo skewers. The legs only needed bamboo skewers as I was able to cut them in such a way to keep most of the weight on the bottom. The skewers were just to make sure the leg did not detach from the body.

      Let me know if you are going to give it a try! 😉 Would love to see a pix!


      • Bethany Said:

        I am going to attempt this cake for my sons 4th birthday! Any other tips you have would be greatly appreciated. I used your site for the firetruck cake last year and it turned out amazing!! If you send me your email I will send you the pics!.. Thanks

      • frazi Said:

        Hi Bethany,

        So sorry, just checked my blog since my last post! Been busy…

        It’s really late right now (where I am), but will try to send you something tomorrow. I hope I’m not too late…


  3. Carrie Said:

    I have been looking for dinosaur cookie cutters but the only ones I find are “scary” looking instead of “cute” looking. Where did you find these? They’re very cute!

  4. jessica Said:

    do you have a template for the cake or crest/horns? im making a similar cake for a friends son and i had initially used sugar cones for the horns and baked a giant cookie for the crest. i think rice krispies are a better alternative since i can shape them .thanks in advance

    • frazi Said:

      Hi Jessica, my biggest apologies for the delay. Things have been hectic at work and at home, so have not checked in my blog for while.

      I’m afraid I don’t have templates for the horns, tail, and crest. For the horns, I just tried to shape cones using the rice krispies and bent them slightly (same w/ the tail). For the Crest, I just made a big flat circle and then cut long, thin triangles around the top half of the circle. Hope this helps.

      Thanks for visiting,

  5. Hi,
    Just wondering where did you find the dinosaur bones mold?? We are having a difficult time finding some for a “dig”.
    Thanks so much

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