Light & fluffy butterflies

What better way to celebrate summer than with butterfly cakes?  Yum!  I made 2 butterfly cakes (one jello cake w/ whipped cream and one chocolate cake w/ cream cheese frosting filling) for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party.  All the little girls got cute fairy wings at the party, so the butterfly cakes were a great complement.

Can you tell how I cut the cakes?  For one butterfly, I used two 8×1.5 round pans.  I stacked the cakes, cut it in half, and then cut each half into 1/3.  So, start the cut a third from the long side of the half circle to a third from the round side of the half circle.  I used a long donut for the body and placed the rounded sides of the half circles alongside of the body to create the wings.  I used whipped cream to frost the cakes and tinted the whipped cream to color the wings.  You can pretty much use sprinkles and other types of candy to further decorate the wings.

Butterfly Cake 1

Butterfly Cake 2


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