Whale of a birthday party

My daughter loves whales!  So it wasn’t hard coming up with the theme for her 2nd birthday party.  I made jello cakes and shaped them into 2 whales using egg and loaf shaped pans.  Ignoring my gut instinct, I decided not to skewer the whales down to the cake board…big mistake!  The whales slid during transport and crashed into one another and into the sides of the cake cover.  I will trust my instincts next time.  On a happier note, I was able to take a picture of the cakes prior to transport.  However, I did not have them fully decorated with pearl sprays as the water blowhole.

As part of the whale theme, I made “save the whale shirts” to give out to kids, gave out “The Snail and The Whale” storybooks, and had the kids “save the plushy whales” beached in the jumphouse.

Below are pix of 1) freshly made whales, 2) whales in captivity during transport, 3) whale with pearl spray, 4) packaged shirt favors, and 5) save the whale shirt.


IMG_7214 collision whale

Whale Favors Whale Shirt


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