Creepy crawlers

Although spiders are not my best friends, I decided to overcome my fear of them by incorporating them into one of my favorite hobbies.  I created 2 spider cakes for a friend’s Halloween party this year.  My daughter was a little fearful at first, but soon grew accustomed to the freaky arachnids.

I used a ball pan to create the 2 bodies and 2 muffins to create the heads.  I also used junior mints for the eyes and candy corn for the fangs.  For the legs, I used melted chocolate to glue chocolate covered stick biscuits (pocky sticks) at different angles.  For the gooey insides, I filled the bodies with vanilla curd and raspberry coulis.  I used dark chocolate frosting for the black widow and a milk chocolate frosting for the brown recluse.

I was tempted to give the spider with the “hairy” legs a furry body by using the multi-holed piping type (typically used for making grass), but was worried I might mess it all up, so decided not to…maybe next year…




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