Flower power

The week after the 4th of July (yes, I’m behind on posting), I made a flower cake for a friend’s 2 (and a half) year birthday party. She, like me, postponed her daughter’s winter birthday for a glorious summer party.

Her daughter’s specific cake instructions were: “I want a pink cake, brown on the inside, with strawberries on top, and a flower”. So, I went with a five petaled pink flower with a circle of strawberries in the middle. The flower itself was made using six 6in. diameter pans, five cake circles around a center circle.

For the “brown” inside, I made 2 chocolate cakes. For the rest of the petals, I made 4 jello cakes with lime, blueberry, tropical fusion, and strawberry flavors. The jello cakes were a hit because they were quite light and refreshing. They were expecting 70 or so guests, so the size of the flower cake was more than enough to feed everyone and then some.

Last minute, I baked and decorated little lady bugs and honeybees to add some color contrast to the flower. Plus, it never hurts to add cute little bugs as they are always a nice treat for the kids.


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