Fourth of July cake

This year, we spent the fourth of July with family and friends in Minnesota. Our wonderful hostess, Aunt Martha (not Martha Stewart, though she is just as creative and inspiring), elevated my red, white, and blue jelly poke cake with whipped cream frosting on a beautiful cake pedestal. The cake itself is served cold so it is a nice refreshing treat on a hot summer day. Here, I just did a simple decoration of alternating blueberries and strawberries. Next to it, you can see the result of poking then drizzling the cake with the red and blue jello.



  1. cakes Said:

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  2. Tlane Said:

    Love your cakes. How did you get the inside to be red and blue? You mentioned jello, but not sure how exactly. Thank you

    • frazi Said:


      Let your cakes cool to room temperature after baking (removing them from pans). Clean the pans then put the cakes back into the clean pans and into the refrigerator. For a small box of Jello (can’t remember the oz size, but the smallest one), use one cup of hot water (not 2 cups) to dissolve it. Take the cakes out of the refrigerator and poke holes with a skewer or fork. The larger the holes, the more visible the streaks in the cake. I would not advise the holes being too large though, or your cake visually will not look all that great with big holes in it. Spoon the hot jello on the cakes evenly. Most will go into the holes or roll to the sides of the pan. Then put back in the refrigerator until the jello is set.

      To unmold, carefully immerse the bottom and sides of the cake pan in hot water (make sure no water gets on the cake) to loosen the cake. You can flip the cake on to a plate and frost w/ fresh whipping cream. Store in the refrigerator until ready for serving.

      I use 1 small jello box for one 9×2 in. cake pan. Typically, you will make two 9×2 in. cake pans with cake batter (depending on recipe), so I use 2 small jello boxes with differing colors, like blueberry and cherry.

      Hope this helps!

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