The tasty caterpillar…

Did you know caterpillars have 4,000 muscles compared to 629 that we humans have? I guess that’s why they eat so much…though it doesn’t explain why I tend to eat so much!

I decided to make a caterpillar cake for a friend’s son who was turning 4. It was a garden/bug party theme, with a huge, blow-up caterpillar obstacle course in the backyard, so my caterpillar cake felt right at home. I tried a new recipe, a vanilla pound cake and it turned out pretty well, though a bit dense. I also made chocolate cake just for variety. For the filling, I made a blueberry/strawberry/raspberry/blackberry/lemon curd with whipped cream which worked really well with the pound cake and chocolate cake. The frosting was vanilla buttercream.

I used a Wilton ball pan to make the segmented body and the head. Overall, I made 3 batches of cake to form a 5 segment body and a ball carved head.  To make the head, I used one 1/2 and trimmed the bottom to form a sphere with a truncated, flat bottom so it could perch on top of the body.  To stabilize the head on top of the body dome, I used a wooden skewer which I pounded down to the cardboard base. The head shifted slightly en route to the party, so if I do this again, I’ll use a wooden dowel (thicker than a skewer) for stability instead.

I decorated the caterpillar with Mike & Ike’s and Dots candies.


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