Chugga chugga chew chew!

My son was eagerly awaiting a birthday train cake for his 4th birthday this year. I had grandiose ideas for the celebration, but alas, the rain dashed my plans… So, instead of chugging through, despite the weather, I decided to cancel the event and reschedule for more predictable sunny skies in June. Many weren’t surprised with the cancellation, but many more were surprised at how I decided to delay until June!

My son was a good sport about it and is now looking forward to his 2nd 4th birthday party. Since I had been “talking up” his party, however, we decided to celebrate it anyways with just the family. I figured this should partially make up for the last minute cancellation.

I went ahead and made a train cake as he originally wanted. I used a train cake pan, but was a little disappointed in the results. The caked looked all right, but it was too skinny. I guess the cake batter I used (carrot) didn’t rise enough for the occasion. It was good I had a practice run of it though, so I know what to do for June. Rather than using the mold, I think I will just cut blocks and pieces from a rectangular or square cake pan to make the train. Wish me luck!

Train Cake 2


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  1. jamboree Said:

    I made a train cake for my son’s birthday last year. I just baked the cakes in loaf bread pans, cut them to size, and decorated. It was relatively simple, but not very professional looking. 🙂

    Baking is a little hobby of mine. I have a new blog up about it: Would love to hear what you think!

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