All gobbled up…

Soon after my grandmother’s 90th birthday party (I baked a total of 8 batches of carrot cake to feed >220 guests), my niece’s 8th birthday followed on Thanksgiving. I asked her what kind of cake (I meant flavor) she wanted and she jokingly said a turkey cake. After having baked so many cakes the week before, I was actually getting sick of baking.

However, as the date approached, I once again looked forward to the challenge. I usually bake the turkey for Thanksgiving, but decided to relinquish the honor to my aunt who traditionally baked them before I did. I opted to make a vegetable dish of collard greens and bacon…and of course, a turkey cake.

For the body, I used an egg pan and baked a vanilla-chocolate swirled cake. I wanted to tell everyone that there would be both dark and light meat. 🙂 I baked the excess chocolate batter in a 6x6x3 square pan. I cut the square cake into 2 triangles and shaped each triangle into drumsticks using a small serrated knife. I affixed the drumsticks onto the body using a couple of toothpicks. Since the leg bone portion of the drumstick was fragile, being so thin, I used skewers along the length of the drumstick to help stabilize them.

I made vanilla buttercream icing tinted with chocolate icing to frost the cake. I used parchment paper to create the paper ruffles on the legs of the drumsticks. To fully utilize the cake scraps, I cut them up into chunks and attached them where the stuffing would go. Since I was in a hurry…as usual…I didn’t get to smooth out the icing as much as I would have liked, but it was good enough for my niece who was actually surprised I even tried it!

Turkey cake


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