Old MacDonald had a farm…

I decided to make a farm cake for a friend’s daughter’s 5th birthday, who wanted a horse themed party. I was considering making a 3D horse cake, but since my 4 month old daughter was only sleeping 1-2 hours per night, I decided it would be best to tackle that another time…

I used a 9×13 cake for the base and a 6x6x3 cake to make the barn, which I made out of 1 square block and 2 triangular pieces. I used chocolate buttercream icing for the base (with a strawberry vanilla curd filling) and red tinted vanilla buttercream icing for the barn. I glued pretzel sticks together with melted chocolate to form fences (very fragile – need to figure out a better way to glue them together…perhaps royal icing would work better…) and used rice chex cereal as shingles for the barn roof. I piped vegetables (carrots, eggplants, swiss chard) using royal icing and crushed chocolate cookies to make the dirt for the mini-garden.

I had bought little plastic horses and farm animals to put in the fences, but decided to wait until we arrived at the party to assemble. As it turned out, my daughter got sick, so I stayed home with her. My husband brought the cake and animals, but didn’t get a chance to photograph it…

farm cake 1


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  1. fawnjenee Said:

    This is an absolutely adorable cake! I love the veggies.

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