Grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration

My grandmother turned 90 on November 2007! I was at a loss as to whether we should get a professionally decorated cake, or if I should make her one. Last minute, I decided to make her one as one of my gifts to her. Since we were expecting >220 guests, I decided to make her 2 cakes…one champagne shaped (feeding ~100 guests) and one full sheet (feeding ~150 guests). I used miniature champagne bottle candles to form 90 on the cake and placed a large champagne glass alongside them.

For the champagne cake, I baked nine 6×3 circles of carrot cake and ended up stacking only eight of them due to the weight of the dense cakes. For the sheet cake, I made even more carrot cake, the thinking being that if I made 2 different flavors, the guests would want to try both and that we wouldn’t have enough cake for everyone as a result… Besides, carrot cake is now my family’s most favorite cake and rightfully so! My late mother-in-law’s recipe is the best we’ve tasted thus far…

Here is a picture of my grandmother posing in front of the cakes.

lola 90th bday



  1. Francis Said:

    This looked really good. Your very creative.

    I don’t want to be rude but was hoping to get the recipe for the carrot cake you used. For l have been aske to make my nannas 80th Birthday cake too.


  2. jaunita Said:

    If I may ask, what kind of things do you do for a 90 year old woman?

    Your cakes are great!

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