Champagne wishes…

My eighth month of pregnancy was probably the most busiest I’ve been in terms of the amount of cakes I made. January is a very popular birthday month in my family and circle of friends.

Here is a champagne cake I made for my cousin’s 40th birthday. I used the same spike as I had used for her son’s christening candle cake the year before. I made it entirely out of carrot cake this time, as requested by her husband (I was never really a fan of carrot cake until I sampled the one my late mother-in-law would make every year for my father-in-law’s birthday…since then I’ve been hooked and lucky to have gotten the recipe from her). I baked nine 6×3 circles, but I think I only ended up using 8 of the cakes because it was so tall and heavy (carrot cake is pretty dense). Since I didn’t use supports for each cake layer, the frosting in between was slowly squeezed out on the bottom layers due to the weight of the cakes on top. It didn’t really run much though because I put it in the fridge which let the frosting set a bit.

The cake fed ~80 people with more than enough extra and it was probably 3-3 1/2 feet in height.



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