Fishing for compliments…again!

Here we go again! One of my many cousins was having a baby shower and the theme happened to be the sea and its inhabitants. I thought what better way to practice making the fish cookies and aquarium cake again? I still had the spikes for holding up the cakes, so nothing stood in my way, except my inability to judge how long it would take me to make!

This time, I made six 6x6x3 banana pineapple cakes with cream cheese frosting and two extra 9×13 sheet cakes since they were expecting >150 guests. Making the cookies was fun as I like decorating them. I get into a state of flow decorating one cookie to the next that I don’t even realize how much time I’ve spent. Baking the cake on the other hand was a lot more work than I always anticipate. After I put one in the oven, I’m off cleaning everything to prep the next cake. Imagine doing this 5 times! I think I would enjoy it more if I had a larger oven or maybe two so that I can bake multiple cakes at once.

Aquarium 2 Closeup

More Fish Cookies

I wrapped the cookies in cellophane bags and used colored flossing thread to tie them on wooden dowels to make them look like fishing poles. I then put the poles in buckets to decorate the cake table (if you notice they are missing as the kids were on to them like flies). Since it was the second time around, it didn’t take me as much time to decorate the cake and I think I did a better job this time around compared to the first. Oh, did I mention I was 7 months pregnant at the time? Can you find Nemo? 😉

Aquarium 2
Check out more of my cookies here: 



  1. Tamara Henry Said:

    wonderful cake and cookies, but how on earth did you cut the cake? thats the only thing that puts me off making one this shape, i wouldnt know how to cut it!!

    • frazi Said:

      Hi Tamara, it looks intimidating to cut, but it actually isn’t! What you do is, first slice horizontally…say 1/2 the length of the cake about 4-5″ from the top (depends on how big a slice you want to make). Then slice down vertically to the horizontal line. The width of the slice depends on the thickness you want to serve. After you slice down vertically, when you reach the horizontal slice, just push the cake onto a dessert plate with knife. Good luck!

  2. Stephanie Said:


    The cake is amazing. It is my father in laws 65th in a few weeks and he is a keen fish lover. Has aquariums etc.
    Can you advise HOW you decorated the cake?
    I’d love to give it a try……

    Thank you

    • frazi Said:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Sure!! I iced the cake with white frosting and used the blue edible color “spray” (I think it was Wilton) to give it the bluish tint. I cut the “seaweed” strips from green/red fruit roll-ups and used non-pareils for the rocks/sand. I piped various sea creatures, sea anemones, coral, etc. using colored royal icing. I also used sugar dolphins and fishes (can’t remember where I got them…) and made fish cookies decorated with colored royal icing.

      Hope that helps! Send me a pix of your creation if you can!


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