The age of aquarium…

I made this one for my newphew’s 1st birthday party. Since the theme was “fishes” I decided to make an aquarium filled with fish and other sea life. I made six 6×6 in. cakes which I stacked to form the aquarium. I was originally planning on making 9 cakes since it was for a party of ~80-100 people, but due to my disorganized lack of planning I was only able to make six. I was surprised though that it was able to feed >100 guests and then some. Once again, I entrusted the help of my husband for mechanical stability of my vision.

Aquarium Cake

To further challenge myself and make use of my exceptional time management skills, I decided to bake and decorate sugar cookies in the shape of fishes, seahorses, shells, starfishes, etc. In the end, I decided to use the cookies to decorate the aquarium as I had run out of time in drawing the fishes onto the cake by hand using different colored icings. I was pretty nervous about drawing the fishes and other sea creatures by hand as I had never done this before and eventually “tuna-ed” (chicken of sea) out. Overall, I was pretty happy with the results.

Sea Cookies


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