Safari Party

I got carried away at my son’s 2nd birthday Safari Adventure Party. I made small 4×6 baggages from brown construction paper and decorated it with fabric and various African stamps. I printed the invite on light brown parchment paper with a map of Africa in the background. I then made passports using dark blue cardstock and sheets of light blue parchment paper. I gold stamped the “passports” with an eagle and the word “PASSPORT”. I printed out the light blue parchment paper with the CA seal and mimicked the lettering from my own passport. My husband thought it could of passed as forgery, but obviously that wasn’t my intent. Most of the parents put a picture of their child on the passport so I can take a picture of it for remembrance.

Safari InvitesSafari Passport

For party favors, I ironed-on the child’s name along with pictures of a tiger, giraffe, & spears on a natural canvas drawstring backpack. It was fun putting it all together and I felt happy overall with the results.

Safari Packs

My husband made a small animal checklist for each child so they could look for hidden, wooden animals in the backyard. My father-in-law was kind enough to bring the wooden animals from Texas and my nephew was even kinder for allowing us to use them for my son’s party!

For the cake, I made a giraffe to go along with the Safari theme.




  1. anne Said:

    Love all you creativity. Would u mind sharing where u purchased the iron on name patch

  2. frazi Said:

    Hi Anne,

    I hope I’m not too late in responding. I created my own name patch using the iron on paper from HP. You can buy this at Staples or Office Max. I found online, pictures of some cute animal stamps. I can’t remember the font I used, but I did all caps. It may have been papyrus font or something and then I put an animal stamp on either side of the name. I also found pictures of spears which I put above and below the names. When printing the iron-ons, don’t forget to reverse the image because it will get reversed when you iron them on the canvas bags or shirts!

    Have fun!

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