Ahoy, maties!

This one is probably one of the most difficult cakes I’ve ever tackled. I made the pirate ship out of double chocolate cake and the islands out of carrot cake. It is also my first comissioned cake and hence the most nerve-wracking of all the cakes I have ever done thus far. This takes the cake for most planning, organizing, cost, and time.

I was too stressed to enjoy the challenge and creativity of the whole process, but was able to enjoy the end results after it was completed. It also helped to have the mom, who I was making it for, say that she absolutely loved the cake. I made it for her son who was turning a year old (the cakes fed more than 80 people and the guests got to take some extras home).

Sadly, I forgot a couple of key decorations which I had spent so much time and effort doing to try to put the cakes “over the top”. I left the white chocolate ropes (to hang on either end of the pirate ship mast) and the chocolate cannon balls at home, in my haste. Lists…lists…as my husband always tells me.

Pirate Ship Cake



  1. Lorena Said:

    i love this cake… How much is it?

  2. familyof5 Said:

    My wife and I are enjoying your site. You are very clever. My wife decorates cakes as a hobby, usually quite late at night right before the event…

  3. frazi Said:

    Hello, thanks very much for your comments! I had my second child in March and have been too busy to update my blog. I have more to post, so please visit in another month or so!

    To answer Lorena’s question: I think I charged $160 for the entire set-up. I made almost everything from scratch and the only things inedible were the pirates, cannons, sails and mast (had to be sturdy) on the ship.

  4. Shilpa Chari Said:

    Francimar, I loved seeing this cake online :). I LOVED LOVED LOVED the cake. It was FABULOUS, both the look of it and the taste. I can’t believe you wrote that you left some key decorations off as it looked SO perfect!

  5. frazi Said:

    Thanks Shilpa! I’m very happy that you liked the cake!

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