Everything’s coming up daisies…

Soon after the fish cake, I made the flower box cake. There are a lot of January birthdays in my family and I wanted to make a cake that would give tribute to all of the birthdays. This was my first time with decorating sugar cookies as you can tell. I was not aware of royal icing at the time and used store bought cake icing to color the cookies. As a result, the icing on the cookies did not harden and smudged when touched. They were tasty and good, but not that beautifully decorated (by my standards).

Flower Box Cake



  1. elena piscioneri Said:

    i found web sit really good n your cakes look good i would like to see more.

  2. frazi Said:

    Hi! Thanks! I’ve been pretty busy (had second child in March) and haven’t been able to update. I will soon! Please come back and visit in another month! 🙂

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